Al (primreceded) wrote in the10thkingdom,


With Syfy's apparent new love for all things Fairy Tale, am I the only one wishing they'd do something with T10K? Obviously the budget would be smaller, but they did a pretty good job with Tin Man (if slightly crazy with the CGI), and they probably wouldn't be able to get all of the original cast. But it doesn't necessarily have to be a sequel it could be a prequel, or they could just opt not to do a direct sequel - something set in the future with Wolf's and Virginia's kid instead. I think as long as the writing stays the same, I'd be all for stepping into the 9 Kingdom's again. And the Halmi's did have a hand in both Tin Man and Alice. Thoughts?

There are a LOT of similarities between Alice and The 10th Kingdom. Like woah.
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