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10th Kingdom RPG

I know that not many of these exsist and nor Am I trying to advertise this. I own a 10th Kingdom RPG that I have been trying to get started up the last few years. No one has just joined. It's set just after the 10th Kingdom events

Plot: There was a Evil Queen who destroyed th rulers of the 4th Kingdom. Even more so she was caught by poisioning the young prince and thrown into jail, but by turning her stepson into a dog. She escaped hoping to overcome the 9 Kingdoms like three other Rulers wanted. She caused mayhem throughout the 4th Kingdom and was eventually killed by her own daughter Virginia Lewis. The 4th Kingdom celebrated the crowning of the true king Wendell White, the grandson of both Snow White and Queen Cinderella, but not all Kingdoms were celebrating. The Ruler of the 2nd Kingdom, Queen Gretel wants to get her hands on the 4th Kingdom and try to use a Summer Ball as a decoy while a war grains control in the 2nd Kingdom. The Ice Queen still wishes to grain all of the Nine Kingdoms herself, but her plans are to tamper with the seasons in order to make her first move. Trolls. In other words they want to capture in 4th Kingdom for Revenge for her father while a beloved Queen takes ill. The news of the illness of Queen Cinderella spreads like wildfire throughout the Kingdoms. The Ice Queen decides to threaten the 1st Kingdom for a takeover as many 1st Kingdomers take notice, but without help one individual of the legandary Kingdom turns to the grandson of both Snow White and Cinderella eventhough his Kingdom is still rebuilding.

I was wondering if anyone would like to help me out? cause I am going to reopen it soon.
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