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Hello all!

I've been enamored by the 10th Kingdom for quite a few years now. I've always ended up renting it, though, since I never thought about purchasing it. The other day, however, I got to open a Christmas present early, and it was the series on DVD! I've watched it quite a few times since then, and decided to look up any information online.

I found out about the possibility of a sequel on a website. I'm rather interested in a sequel and am hoping to write a letter to Simon Moore to tell him how much I enjoy the series and how I would very much be interested in a sequel, whether movie or book form. I always feel that one should let others know of your support and interest, however little it may be, as it does indeed add up when many people do it. Besides, if you don't tell them that you enjoyed it, how will they know?

Perhaps we could even make a joint effort to let him know of our love and support for the mini-series? I feel it's worth a try.

I'm happy to meet you all and hope to have fun in this community!
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