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With Syfy's apparent new love for all things Fairy Tale, am I the only one wishing they'd do something with T10K? Obviously the budget would be smaller, but they did a pretty good job with Tin Man (if slightly crazy with the CGI), and they probably wouldn't be able to get all of the original cast. But it doesn't necessarily have to be a sequel it could be a prequel, or they could just opt not to do a direct sequel - something set in the future with Wolf's and Virginia's kid instead. I think as long as the writing stays the same, I'd be all for stepping into the 9 Kingdom's again. And the Halmi's did have a hand in both Tin Man and Alice. Thoughts?

There are a LOT of similarities between Alice and The 10th Kingdom. Like woah.
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Why couldn't they get all the original cast? How many of them have actually been doing anything cool since T10K?

But anyway I think that would be great, but probably too much of a hypothetical. I doubt SyFy even knows about T10K. :(
Well I don't know. I just figured they might not want to go back to that after all this time. I actually thought someone (John Larroquette maybe) said that they weren't going to do it. If they WOULD do it, that'd be fine too.

Just something I'd like to see, I'm sure it's probably too much to hope for but hope I do.

Yeah, I remember John saying that he wouldn't want to do a sequel, since filming the original (which took place in Europe) caused him to be away from his family for a long period of time.
I was thinking the same. exact. thing. :D

Also, I love "Alice" so far. :)
Me too! I was kind of on the fence with Tin Man, but I'm really diggin' Alice. It's not as over the top as Tin Man was, I mean they really did go overkill with the CGI. And w/e, you can't go wrong with Tim Curry ;p
I loved Tin Man too, actually. ^^;
But I've always loved AAiWL, so "Alice" is just plain awesome. XD
By the way, did the Cheshire Cat's grin creep you out? XDD
Oh don't get me wrong, I liked Tin Man just fine. I think they could have just... scaled back a little. Less is more sometimes.

I must have missed the cat D: I know the one Tim Burton's working on creeped me out tho lol
Hm, I s'pose they could've. XDDD

The cat looked real, until it grinned. Made it that much creepier. ._.
So I just watched Alice and it was kinda disappointing, despite the amount of similarities it had in common with T10K. Probably because it had the same producers. But regardless, it kinda paled in comparison. The writing was just not up to par. The story had too many holes and not enough endearing characters or emotional punch to make up for the lackluster story. The Hatter was probably my favorite (because he reminded me of Wolf... the cute and lovable ruffian) but even that role got messed up. He wasn't MAD at all! Almost no one was. I think the movie definitely could have used more zany whimsy and less of the SUPER SERIOUS EPIC thing it was going for.
Well, I have yet to see Alice but I would love to see another 10th Kingdom mini-series. However, it's really up to Simon Moore, who is the write of the first series. Perhaps we could write to him suggesting a possible pitch to Scyfy, although I'm not sure how interested he would be. I know he wished to do a sequel but also know he refused to do one with Hallmark because they offered less funds and were going to use different actors.

I'd rather love to see his idea for the sequel come to life, though. I quite enjoy his works.
There were quite a few similarities between the 10th kingdom and syfy's alice that i didn't even notice until i saw some youtube tributes. I do wish they would have done The House of Wolves but the ratings just weren't there. I actually was so heart broken over that i wrote the script for it myself just so i could keep the story alive. I don't know if i want to see a sequel to it because it been about 10 years and i don't know if i want one about the daughter (which i'm positive they had) without most of the original cast. people should have watched it when it came out because it was the most amazing mini-series, movie, (whatever anyone wants to call it), ever