2plus2equalsFiSh (considermecrazy) wrote in the10thkingdom,

Check it! I got a new one made!!

Been meaning to do this for a while now...finally did it and boy, was it ever hard...I had to stop myself from swooning in order to finish the video!XD Yes, I'm that lame lol Anyway, tell me what you think. Oh, and I was going to use one of  welwa's wallpapers as a title card but decided against it and the next one is going to end up with it. You know...just so you know (Thanks for allowing me to do so by the way.) Next vid will take forever to make as well plus, I have other fandoms to cater to lol In the meantime watch it, love it (hopefully) and please tell me your thoughts etc and if you'd like more :D Let's put a little kick back in the fandom, yes? I feel like we need it sometimes lol
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